Dragon Age II

originally subtitled exodus, but sadly the subtitle was removed before marketing even though it makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE

DRAGON AGE II IS A TRAGEDY [hella spoilers], and I am such a fucking sucker for tragedies.

If I'm honest, I don't think Bioware actually advertised it as such, rather went the "epic fantasy hero" advertising route, but the thing about a good tragedy is that it tells you up front that something terrible has or will happen. Varric's opening interrogation by Cassandra may not spell it out for the player, but something has happened, and Cassandra needs not only answers but a hero. Varric on the other hand just wants to protect his friends.

Unreliable narration has been a core of Dragon Age's story telling and lore since the game's inception, but Varric leading the narration for DAII as a storyteller and professional liar really let's it run wild. There are little nods to his storytelling flourishes in the game, but almost everything else is up to your interpretation.

DA2 got a lot of criticism after it came out, and other people have discussed reasons why it has a reputation that doesn't match up with the sales numbers, but (in my very humble opinion) it has the tightest story and best depth for character growth of any of the games, easily making it my favourite.

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