stickers, my beloved!

inspired by lulu in cyberspace

computer monitor displaying rainbow cat mouse with floppy discs holographic stegosaurus on bass holographic stegosaurus on sax lisa frank ballerina bunnies two lisa frank horses sad moon clown bee on a yellow flower holographic unicorn on blue/pink heart manatee holding seaweed birthday triceratops birthday bronto floral cat in a bag floral cat with a flower floral cat playing with yarn holographic rainbow holographic milk holographic ice cream cone blue cat and butterfly good work heart to heart beautiful day rainbow home out of the blue
cat sitting in a tree with red flowers cow in front of wreath with yellow/orange flowers apple scratch n sniff rainbow wizard ufo sunflower seattle decorative cherry sticker kangaroo sunset seashell with holographic accents strawberries in bloom daffodils spectral alicorn fairy with unicorn holographic unicorn on starry background holographic unicorn with halo gold metallic pegasus unicorn in field with rainbow sky gold metallic unicorn unicorn jumping above ocean metallic unicorn laying unicorn and girl
mouse riding a bike through the rain black cat and flowers duck and ducklings frog
armadillos carnivore eating burger duck on lake penguins
bunny on purple heart with flowers
if i'm not careful, this will easily become the most overwhelming and largest of my pages. i never grew out of my sticker phase and i didn't realize how many people have made scans of some of my fav childhood stickers. ;u;