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shrines & media

not started - mass effect, tundra wolven pack, the last unicorn, magical girls

animal crossing - happy home paradise pics

dragon age - writing for each game, character pages?

pokemon - arceus thoughts/screenshots?

star wars - kotor II write up (and kotor graphics?), mando'ade page, mando'a resources, fansites page


not started - bathroom (nail polish stuff, hair bleaching and color), music room (why i have my own music library), crafting room, new journal?, hyperlinks (like so many links)

aquarium - playlist

garden - decorating!, playlist

kitchen - recipes, inspiration, resources

noteboard - filling =3, playlist

the cathedral

deities - bast, khnum, artemis

more deities? - persephone, hades, aphrodite, hel, wenut, taweret, sobek

paper gods - blood, forest, sun, wind, desert, winter, body