cherry blossomCredits & Thank Yous

This site would have never been made without the direct and indirect help of a lot of other humans and resources!

Someday I'll make this page a little prettier, but for now it's mostly for record keeping!


  • W3Schools for being my html/css refresher resource for over a decade.
  • xfreischutz for the cutest nug images and the pic of Krem de la Krem. ;u;
  • p-i-x-e-l-s for most of the pixel assets used throughout the site and pixel-soup for a few more.
  • arisadraws for the backgrounds on my pokemon shrine.
  • pixelins for the floating present image on my animal crossing shrine sidebar.
  • mf2fm for the cursor glitter effect
  • Cursors 4U for the cursors on my star wars and pokemon shrines
  • Oudkee for the random image script
  • Hekate's Background Archive for numerous backgrounds

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