I think I came to hand spinning in the opposite direction of most of the people I've chatted with. While idly daydreaming about our future, my partner told me he wanted goats someday, and I, being the overthinking planner that I am, suggested maybe looking at fiber goats as neither of us really want to do everything involved with dairy or meat goats. And so I got a drop spindle at our local renaissance fair and then he bought me some fiber for our anniversary a month later, and it's all been downhill ever since!

As with basically all of my physical hobbies, I had to take a break while dealing with moving shenanigans over the winter, but I'm getting back to it and hoping to get a spinning wheel later this year after some more research as to what I think will suit my needs and some patient lurking in all my local fiber arts sales groups.

Below will be some of the fibers I've spun, the yarn's I've made, and (hopefully) the cool places to get some for yourself to try!