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My very first experiences with Dragon Age were definitely not intentional. In my obsessive enthusiasm for Knights of the Old Republic and discovering fandom, I found that one of my fav authors had two other loves: Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age. At the time, Origins was the only game out, but I had a great time reading about the characters and their relationships. (rip as i recently found out recently all her old works have since been deleted.)

Not too long after, my dad was getting our new desktop set up with a new fancy sound system, and he was using the Dragon Age Menu to work out the kinks. I, a very soundtrack obsessed teenager, heard the theme and knew I needed to play.

Since then, I've played all of the main games, was involved in the pre-Inquisition hype, have collected the art books, read some of the comics, read a lot of fanfiction, and met a lot of very wonderful people. If I had to pick a favourite, it's probably Dragon Age II, but I love each one for very different reasons. I'm... hopeful for DA4, and ready to be very disappointed given everything that's happened with Bioware in recent years, but I know without a doubt that I'll be ready to play when it comes out.