Star Wars Fanworks

As a general fandom reminder, please note the author tags on any of the Ao3 works as I'm an adult and not all of the works below may be suitable for you! We're all responsible for curating our internet experience.

I'll make more specific suggestions later, but Starkiller Sound is the current host for some of my favourite audio dramas. (RIP

Archived Fansites


KotOR Fanworks

  • Leilukin has a very lovely KotOR shrine including articles and guides for both games, mod recs, and their own mods.
  • Sovonight is out here making S-tier KotOR merch and is making an Atton/Exile zine that I am losing my mind over.
  • Night-Valien/Senator-Organa has some good stickers over on red bubble, including one of revan doing finger guns that graces my water bottle and makes me snort every day.
  • tehPrincessJ's fanvids but specifically Bittersweet Symphony and Despondency because I was obsessed with them back in the day and I'm delighted that they're still online.