so one time in high school i binge played knights of the old republic.

i mean sure i had seen the prequels when they came out as a small child, and my father had made sure i had seen the originals, and original clone was cartoon (the one that started in like 2003) was very very cool, but like, hella shrug emojis over here. it just never spoke to baby!dryad, so i never payed it much attention outside of cool sci-fi stuff and lightsabers are cool (duh). and for the life of me, i can't remember why i even picked up knights of the old republic outside of my dad already having it installed on the computer but it completely changed my relationship with star wars media.

i replayed kotor more times than i could count as i moved on through high school and got my hands on any other media relating to that era (or prior) that i could: kotor ii, the kotor comics, the rpg book, the tales of the jedi comics, literally every scrap, until it led me to fandom. fandom led me to conventions and costuming groups and costuming groups led to the mandalorian mercs, my second star wars love.

mandalorian and clone related content has become my primary interest given the much wider variety of content it has (and the very mixed quality of live action star wars content in the last decade). i'm due for a re-read of the republic commando series and am currently giving kotor ii a replay with the sith lords restoration mod, but i've been enjoying the newer animated and live action series even if i wish there was just that much more mandalorian content in them.

old fan sites that will go on their own page someday