What the fuck is a KotOR?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is an RPG produced by Bioware that was originally released as an Xbox exclusive game in 2003. You get to play your choice of scoundrel, scout, or soldier as you immediately find yourself aboard a failing ship having to escape to the Sith occupied planet below.

You and your haphazardly put together team of a career miliary man, a fourteen year old twilek and her wookiee BFF, my very favourite mandalorian, and the best mech droid get to save the Jedi who was in charge of your ship's mission before it was wrecked and narrowly escape the planet before you (SPOILERS!) get to become a Jedi yourself and go on a quest to follow in the footsteps of a dead Jedi-turned-Sith in order to figure out how to stop their apprentice who is terrorizing the galaxy.

There are a couple of other companions who join you (including a disgruntled grey Jedi and a very snarky assassin droid) as you save (or conquer?) the galaxy and maybe find love through the twists and turns of the story. =)

For better or worse, Knights of the Old Republic changed my relationship with the internet and fandom

Maybe a loaded statement, but I was a wee bab of 13 the first time I played KotOR (which was still six years after the game was released mind you!), and as an impressionable teen just discovering that their parents were not in fact omnipotent and that it was only their word preventing me from discovering new websites, I'd like to think that it turned out okay.

I was having a good time with the dialogue and getting to know all of the characters, but I was hooked as soon as I got to [MASSIVE SPOILER I WILL NOT INCLUDE], and I wanted more! And so in looking for that sweet, sweet content, I found fandom and shipping and cosplay and fanfiction and eventually dragon age and mass effect (which several of my friends have been less than thrilled about over the years, whoops).

but what about KotOR II, dryad?

A little different of a beast, but still no less loved in this house!

i'll probably have some stuff to say about kotor, but we'll get to that on a later update.

blessed relics of kotor's past

  • GameBanshee's walkthroughs for Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords because even though I've played these games a lot, I forget things like puzzle solutions a lot.
  • Not a relic, but sovonight is out here making S-tier KotOR merch and is making an Atton/Exile zine that I am losing my mind over.
  • Also not a relic, but Night-Valien/Senator-Organa has some good stickers over on red bubble, including one of revan doing finger guns that graces my water bottle and makes me snort every day.
  • The Old Republic which I didn't realize was still up! Don't think the main site has been updated in some years, but there's still a little life on the forums.
  • tehPrincessJ's fanvids but specifically Bittersweet Symphony and Despondency because I was obsessed with them back in the day and I'm delighted that they're still online.
  • Archived pages of KotOR Fan Media for old fan community stuff. A lot of this community cross-posed to deviantART, LiveJournal, and/or FF.net back in the day before it went offline. There was a time when the mods were supposedly going to bring it back online to include SWTOR content, but that never happened. =(