of war and blood and running

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"When you have nothing to say,
set something on fire. A blurry landscape is useless."
—Richard Silken, Landscape with Fruit Rot and Millipede

soul of deer

"I confuse instinct for desire—isn't bite also touch?"
—Natalie Diaz, Wolf OR-7 from Postcolonial Love Poem


The Gods Show Up, Michael Kinnucan

thinking about werewolves, headspace-hotel

Yves Olade on tumblr


some cool art


note that some of these works may only touch on these themes while others have been more influential in fleshing out these feelings. my favourites are marked with an asterisk (*). those that i've been told i should check out but haven't for whatever reason are at the bottom marked with a caret (^).

some cool media

some cool media i haven't engaged with

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