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01/19/2023 | Have a warm beverage and a treat, friends~ Have you rested today? Celebrated your successes? Make sure you're not focusing on work and the somedays too much to enjoy right now. I'm very guilty of forgetting this like... very often, but I can see the progress! I've gotten better, and we can be here for each other.

My partner and I just got back from visiting my dad in Dublin, which was really lovely. We live in different states to begin with, but he's going to be out there for work for some not-quite-determined amount of time, so I'm really grateful that we were able to go since I don't know when I'll be able to see him next. =C We went to a number of museums though (my partner very lovingly humored my excitement at the archaeology museum) and a few great restaurants and the zoo and did so much walking! It made me really long to live somewhere where walking felt like an option and not a great hurdle of last resort. Otherwise, jetlag is a curse, and I am ready to not be tired, lol.

While we've been recovering, we finished Mass Effect 3 (his first rodeo, but decidedly not mine), and I'm finding myself caught in this feeling of unsatisfaction and wanting more. I was there Gandalf when ME3 came out and the whole debacle-fiasco-whatever you'd like to call the reaction to the end of the game happened, and I'd hoped that distance of a decade would help it land a little better but alskdfj;askdjf;a. =T I think having such an unsatisfying ending for the third installment in the trilogy is made all the worse by how much I like the conclusions to the other two games? Big shrug emoji, it's still one of my favourite video game series and it saw me through some of the worst years of my life, so I have a soft spot for them (much like Dragon Age, which has its own share of issues). Maybe this'll actually get me to make my Mass Effect shrine!

01/04/2023 | Happy belated new year, all! I hope life is treating you kindly, and if not, I hope you can at least find some kindness for yourself.

I'm doing my best! I'm feeling weirdly optimistic about this year, and while my natural inclination is to temper those feelings (especially considering the last time I felt like this was the beginning of 2020...), I'm trying to just let myself enjoy the excitement for now. I put my goals for the year up on my noteboard (except for some personal ones that I don't need to discuss with the void of the internet) and am planning to keep notes on when they get done.

Speaking of noteboards! Grim (Bisuko) made his own and I absolutely love it and you should all go see it. =3

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