12/31/2021 | Wow we're here! The final update of 2021. Had you asked me two years ago what I thought would be happening in my life let alone the world right now, I never could have guessed we'd be heading into the third year of this pandemic. I'm a little dispondent about that, though I'm trying to go into the new year cautiously optimistic.

On a brighter note, it's been snowing this week! Very unusual for the hilly area in which I live, and it's made getting out of the house since my last update near impossible with all of the ice. I went to work... once this week? And managed to get to the grocery store to restock on some food we were running out of. But it is so, so beautiful. I hope I never get over the stillness and brightness of a snowy night even though I have to bundle up to enjoy it.

This week has been full of joy and laughter and warmth as much as my usual brew of anxiety and depression, but it's been important for me to remember that I can experience both—in the same week, the same day, the same moment—without one invalidating the other. I had a lot of growth this year! And maybe it's not where I'd once hoped I'd be by this point in my life, but I'm still satisfied with where I've gotten despite the circumstances I never saw coming.

Happy new year, everyone! May you and your loved ones find warmth and love and patience as we all move forward together.

12/24/2021 | Despite an awful week at work, it's finally Christmas! I'll probably update again tomorrow, I was just missing getting on here! These days I don't do much for Christmas Eve, but I got to watch the new Matrix movie! As someone who's only seen the others... maybe twice? I really enjoyed the new one! It's not perfect, but it has some really tender character moments and I though the costume and sound design were pretty good! Bahaha, I didn't realize I'd used so many exclamation points until I reread all of that. Guess now that I finally have a break ahead of me, I finally have a little energy to be excited about stuff, lol. Now to actually sleep!

12/15/2021 | If you ever needed a reminder to take a break before your body makes you, this is me telling you to take a break! I started feeling sick after work on Monday, and thank the gods I had yesterday and today off. I'm still not at 100%, but it was a good reminder that I need to be taking better care of myself, including eating more food with these ten hour work days.

On the bright side, I mostly spent the last two days working on the site! =3 I started working out what I want to do for my collections and did a bunch of stuff for my Dragon Age and Pokemon shrines including making the former a little more mobile friendly, getting some images together for the latter, and starting to add music players to both! (Nothing's on auto play because auto play stuff always makes me jump, but it's there if you'd like~)

I feel like I've spent a ridiculous amount of time working on this in the last two weeks, but I honestly don't remember the last time I had this much fun online.

12/11/2021 | So maybe starting a website the weekend before my new job wasn't the best idea. I'm super exhausted but I've been thinking about the stuff I want to do all week! I've made a site button that I'm mostly happy with for now, and I'm going to work on starting my Dragon Age pages and some other odds and ends in between an editing project that I owed to a friend yesterday (oops).

12/4/2021 | Okay, I caved and spruced up the layout and colors. Back to work next time.

12/3/2021 | How wild it is to like!! Have a site to code again! Trying to learn from others on here to make something kinda actually functional.

Gotta give it good bones before we can make it pretty, yeah?

This is as far back as you can go, but maybe you want to look for something else?