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December 2022

12/22/2022 | Sliding back into my own journal two months later with a frapp like someone showing up to lecture late lmao. Just in time for the end of the year too. Once again, been working on irl things! Reflecting on the last couple of years. Figuring out goals, if I want to pursue medical diagnosis for some stuff or just keep figuring it out in a more solo/community way, stuff like that. Trying to make time to celebrate how far I've come too as I tend to get bogged down with what still needs to be done, but I'm really proud of myself. I went into the panini a little crazy, and I am worse for the wear in many ways, but I've been able to grow and heal in some others.

It's snowed here this week! I'm super grateful for the extra quiet and brightness we've had because of it (esp because winter blues got me bad this year), but it's so, so cold. I don't think it's ever been this cold in the six years I've lived up here. I haven't left the house since it started because driving in show/ice makes my little desert heart go insane, but I'd already doubled down on groceries last week to avoid the Christmas rush. Unfortunately that means laundromat will have to wait until next week too. (I once again am aching for the day when I live somewhere with an in-unit washer and dryer again.)

Also this site turned a year old this month, how crazy is that! (Also it outlived the job I started the week before Dryad Glen went online, and that makes me chuckle a little bit too.) I'm happy that it feels so homey to so many of you, and I'm so so grateful to have you all here with me~ I can't wait for another year of making new little cozy nooks and secrets as we keep on keeping on! Happy birthday, Dryad Glen. =3

10/22/2022 | Happy fall, everyone! It certainly took it's time getting to western Washington this year, and the smoke from all of the fires has made it unseasonable uncomfortable, but I'm listening to some rain though the leaves as I type and happy that we're moving into cozy weather~

I hope you've been well. My break was good, lots of good family time and good crafty nonsense. I'm taking a beekeeping class for a state certificate which will set me up to do an apprenticeship way down the road when I'm hopefully able to have a small apiary. =3 I've also been looking at some other classes and events though some local organizations to keep me busy and learning.

I've only really made a few small changes around the site in the last couple days. Added some more sewing/crafting graphics, converted (hopefully) all of the webp files to gifs and updated appropriate pages, updated my neighbors links. We're close to a year since I started the site! And there's a little part of me that wants to change my primary layout, but it's still rolling around in my head without a specific direction, so we'll see what happens.

I did update my guestbook spotify playlist too! Thank you again to everyone who's signed it and shared a song~

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