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Hello, I’m Dryad! I'm a late twenty-something currently living in the in the Pacific Northwest but I’m originally Arizona born and raised.

Like many others, I grew up online and learned coding through neopets and have slowly been moving away from most social media platforms with the exception of tumblr which has been my little gremlin corner of the internet for my interests and hobbies and just little collections of things I love since 2010 (just please don't go back that far in my archive >.>;;). Neocities felt like a natural extension of those things, and it's been so much fun relearning how to code and seeing all the amazing things other people are doing!

other places to find me

it's mostly tumblr if i'm being honest, but if you see a cyberneticdryad, it's probs me.
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wolves, mustelids, red pandas, pangolins, platypus, sheep, narwhals, whale sharks, deer, goats, crested geckos, dolphins, maned wolves, secretary birds, budgies, corvids, rabbits


wolf's rain, ouran high school host club, puella magi madoka magica, gundam (like a bunch of them BUT ESP G GUNDAM), escaflowne, sailor moon, wolf children ame & yuki, ghost in the shell


the last unicorn, the girl with the silver eyes, green rider, watership down

food & drink

tea, coffee, sushi, peaches, cobbler, muffins, scones (really any kind of baked good), (also see: just about any noodle or rice dish), blackberries, strawberries, quesadillas

hobbies & interests

mythology/folklore, linguistics, hand sewing, marine biology, ecology, poetry, ecology, journaling, ttrpgs

movies & shows

star wars (just... in general), the good place, community, she-ra and the princesses of power, over the garden wall, away we go, juno, where the wild things are


radiohead, the chicks, panic! at the disco, ok go, my chemical romance, paramore, florist, bright eyes, ajj, fleet foxes, lotte kestner, sufjan stevens, hozier, florence + the machine, the amazing devil,

video games

dragon age, mass effect, pokemon, oxenfree, red dead redemption 2, animal crossing, knights of the old republic, hades, life is strange, stardew valley, if found..., monster prom, bugsnax