Recipes to Try

-Chicken pot pie
-Meat pie
-Pad Thai
-Blackberry cobbler
-Apple cobbler
-Spiced peach bread
-Honey cake
-Scones of any kind
-Tomato soup
-Savory quick bread

Recipes to Refine

-Cottage pie
-Banana bread
-Blueberry loaf
-Lemon Pepper Chicken

microwave notes

  • Frozen Bagels: Wrap in damp paper towel. Cook 20 seconds, flip, cook 20 seconds, done.
  • Cooking Scrambled Eggs: Add as many as you want to microwave safe receptacle, add spices/salt, mix thoroughly with fork. Cook for 30s increments, mixing in between until just under done. Let it rest and be free. (Great to put in your now unfrozen bagel too.)

Miscellaneous Tips n Tricks

or Random Tips I Learned from the Internet But Don't Have Sources For

Make A Box Cake Mix Legit
Add an extra egg, use melted butter instead of oil, and use milk instead of water.

Flavor Enhancers
Vanilla flavor? Add a little almond extract.
Chocolate flavor? Add a little expresso powder or coffee.

Missing an Egg For Baking?
Try replacing with half a mashed banana or 1/4 cup apple sauce (preferably unsweetened)

Coffee Too Bitter?
Add just a sprinkle of salt. Just a bit!
Idk how it works, but it reduces the acidity and makes it a little smoother. Just be careful not to add too much or you'll just have sad, salty coffee.

Something Cool?

food to spend a little more $$$ on

  • canned tomatoes
  • rice
  • tea
  • butter
  • powdered garlic

something else