Welcome to Dryad Glen!

And thank you for visiting my little home~ I try to stop by every few days, but you can always reach out to me elsewhere. (Mostly tumblr, but anywhere you see a cyberneticdryad is fair game!)

The site is still under construction from my November revamp, but the bulk of the broken images/links should be resolved for your exploring pleasure.

While you're here, I would love if you signed my guestbook! I'm making a playlist over on Spotify and YouTube of songs suggested by my lovely visitors. =3

Update Log

Happy Pride to all my favourite queer folks on the internet! Just a some small updates while my brain continues to be consumed by spinning and crochet projects to cope with work changes: Updated the library with what I'm currently reading including updates for June bookbug. Added one new recipe we liked to the kitchen and updated my pantry a bit. I am slowly working on updating my neighbors on my links page, so if you're not up, please bear with me! I promise it's happening a lil bit at a time.

05/05/2024 | Quick journal update. Updated the bookbug members (there sure are a lot of us now!).

5/4/2024 | May the 4th be with you! Mostly updates to the library today: updated my currently reading list, added one book to my 2024 library picks, and started my entry for May bookbug. Also added one new link to the recipes page.

04/20/2024 | Journal update about my birthday and my unexpected absence from the site. Updated the guestbook playlists on spotify and youtube. Updated some fanlisting/cliques links and added one. Added a couple more recipes we've tried. Otherwise just typo squishing and making little odds and ends of code neater to get me back in the swing of things!

03/03/2024 | Lots of little backend updates to various links (mostly moved/inactive fanlistings), moving site components, cleaning up some dumb coding stuff (because sometimes I brute force things when I know there's a better way but I'm frustrated). Started a crochet page.

02/25/2024 | Review for Giovanni's Room is up for bookbug. Organized the handspinning resources, and added some ergonomics resources.

02/24/2024 | Journal update. Updated the joined page and box on my index. Added links for Bast and Sobek, otherwise just some aesthetic changes to the deity shrines. Added links to some of the recipes I've been trying recently. Added some resources to the spinning page.

02/03/2024 | Lots of little tweaks and fixes and typo squishing around the site today! Various updates around the library for graphics and a new month of bookbug. Also started sprucing up the crafts page in preparation for getting back to my irl projects.

1/26/2024 | Forgot to post, but I added my review for Convenience Store Woman the other day! I also started a shrine for other people's shrines because y'all are so creative . =3 Also a tiny journal update tonight. Have a good weekend folks!

01/12/2024 | Journal update from the first official week of living in our apartment. Archived my 2023 journal entries and created an archive page for my site updates. Added my list of things I want to do in the new apartment to the noteboard. Started making updates to my about page.

01/01/2024 | Happy New Year! Added a few new little guys to the toybox from the Chicken Smoothie and Flight Rising forums. A couple updates to my Star Wars fanworks page.

12/30/2023 | Final journal entry of the year! Added some of my initial thoughts on Convenience Store Woman. Added my ever in-progress playlists to the Paper Gods shrines.

12/24/2023 | Longer journal update than usual because I'm apparently feeling verbose and reflective on this merry Christmas Eve. Started updating my noteboard with my 2024 goals. Some more minor link/text updates. Added a few newsletters I like to the links collection. Updated the site map after realizing a lot of links were missing from it. Added the new bookbug members to my page, and still mulling over the decor.

12/17/2023 | New journal entry because life likes to throw me little curve balls. A lot of minor updates to fix image sizing on mobile and a few leftover broken links. Added a page for bookbug as I'm going to join in next month!

12/03/2023 | It was a "lots of little updates while i make an obnoxious anime intro/outro playlist" kind of day. Cleaned up most of my collections pages, and made some additions to my sticker sheet club, toybox, dollmakers, and links pages. The cathedral should now be mobile friendly. One addition to my forest child shrine. Added new fantasy, home, and garden graphics.

12/01/2023 | Happy December, all! Sorted my graphics index because it was getting a little overwhelming for me to sort through sometimes. Also added some new resources there! Moved most of my globes to fantasy graphics and added 2 new globes. Added 2 new aquarium graphics. Made a few other tweaks to fix broken stuff.

11/29/2023 | Making real time tests in the Thunderdome to try to make the new layout mobile friendly. Realized every page had a tiny little detail that needed to be changed, so uh, did that for the whole site, lmao. Also updated the guestbook playlist again as well as added it to Youtube Music! Thank you as always to everyone who's shared a song and for all of your lovely comments~

11/26/2023 | Migrated my collections, journal, and graphics pages over to the v2 layout which should mean that everything is migrated over! Now just to make it all mobile friendly again, hahaha... Also started updating my Credits page and made some tweaks to my noteboard. (Things will probs be a little slow around here again until closer to Christmas while I tackle some irl things and deal with the busy season at work.)

11/25/2023 | Dryad Glen v2 is here! Still skimming all the pages for broken links/images, and I'll slowly be updating my graphics/toy box pages in the coming weeks, but I'm so happy to have her updated. =3

For older updates, check my neocities profile!

To Do List

  • Make v2 button
  • Add RSS feed
  • Update credits page
  • More media shrines (Wolf's Rain, Mass Effect, mahou shoujo)
  • Join a bajillion pixel clubs
  • Listening Room
  • Pictures for the library
  • Language Learning resources?

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